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Design your own buffet as part of a wedding buffet. You must include four or more items for these prices.  A 15% gratuity is added to any Hors D’oeurves.  These items are served before your normal meal, typically about an hour.  Please inquire about pricing for an Hors D’oeurves only wedding buffet.

Cheese Cubes and Crackers                       $1.25 per person
Fresh Vegetables with dip                            $1.50 per person
Relish Tray                                                   $1.25 per person
Mini Egg Rolls                                              $1.50 per person
Mini Quiche                                                  $1.25 per person
Meatballs in sauce                                       $1.00 per person
Swedish Meatballs                                       $1.25 per person
Italian Sausage with peppers and onions    $1.00 per person
Miniature Sandwiches                                  $2.00 per person
Deli Spirals                                                   $1.50 per person
Mashed potato bar                                       $2.50 per person
            -sour cream, onions, bacon bits, shredded cheese, butter, country gravy
Hot Wings                                                    $2.50 per person
Chicken on a Skewer with sauces               $1.50 per person
Stuffed Mushrooms                                     $1.00 each
Fresh Fruit in a Carved Watermelon           $1.50 per person
Fruit Kabobs                                                $2.00 per person
Fresh Fruit Tree                                          $3.50 per person
Cocktail Shrimp with sauce                         $0.75 each, recommend four to five per person
Celery filled with cream cheese                   $1.25 per person
Trail Bologna Wedges                                 $1.25 per person
Wing Dings                                                  $2.00 per person
Chicken Fingers with sauces                       $2.00 per person
Chicken Nuggets with sauces                     $1.50 per person
Sauerkraught Balls                                      $1.25 per person
Breaded Mushrooms                                   $1.50 per person
Mini BBQ Wieners                                       $1.00 per person
Wieners wrapped in blanket                        $2.00 per person
Crackers topped with cheese and shrimp   $1.50 per person
Mini Cheese Cakes                                     $1.25 each
Asst’d cookies                                             $1.00 per person
Petit Fors                                                     $1.00 per person
Asst’d sweet trays                                       $1.50 per person
To add Glass Plates                                    $0.70 per person